When is the best time to start preparing for the USMLE?

  • There is no best time, but it is better if you can start from 200Level or as early as possible to integrate with your Course Work.
  • This is how it done in the US, nevertheless the most important thing is to write the exam when you are fully prepared.
  • When you start early enough and integrate with your Course Work it has the advantage that you will also excel well in school(yes, people preparing seriously for USMLE usually do very well in their medical schools, because of the simpler, easier approach of the courses).
  • But if you wait till you have finished you would have forgotten most of what you did in school and then you need to start re-learning which could have easily been avoided.
  • Also you have an advantage if you a fresh graduate to get matched more easily.

So thats it…it’s up to you..My advice? Start early & kill 2birds with one stone.

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  1. Toks

    Is it possible to have a balanced preparation? I would not want my academics to suffer and I would like to study for USMLE. Are there similar topics or contents with USMLE in any stage of academics (Nigeria Medical Schools) ?

    1. usmle ng

      Your academics won’t suffer, as a matter of fact, if done properly it would actually greatly help you in your medical school.

  2. Andrea

    At what level in medical school can I write step 1? I was thinking maybe between 300 and 400??

    1. usmle ng

      Yes, that’s fine. But make sure you start preparing as soon as possible.

  3. deborah

    if i write step 1 in 400 level, is there a time limit on when I should write step 2?

    1. usmle ng

      Within 7years

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