How Do I Prepare For The USMLE STEP 1?

Let me be as brief as possible

  • Know you are in for a very serious exam and treat it as such, pay the price and take the exam very seriously.
  • 6months is enough to prepare for Step 1 if you dedicate your time to it, but please don’t write the exam if you don’t feel ready.  Also note that the amount of time needed depends on how serious you are/were with your medical courses.
  • To access if you are ready, take NBME exams, they are a good predictor of your actual score.
  • You MUST use First Aid & UWorld, it’s a MUST, I can’t stress it enough.
  • The other materials required depends on your budget and how much time you have to prepare for the exam.
  • The Books recommended are:
  • GENERAL; ALL Kaplan Books, ALL High yield books. (Choose in addition to First Aid)
  • Questions; UsmleWorld, Kaplan Bank, USMLE Rx. (Usmle World is the most used but the others are very good too, they can be used in conjunction with Uworld.)
  • Pathology; Pathoma is excellent. Also Rapid Review by Goljan.
  • Physiology; BRS Physiology by Linda is the gold standard, Physeo Videos is very good too.
  • Microbiology; Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple.
  • Anatomy; Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple.
  • Biochemistry; Lippincott Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology; Lippincott Pharmacology, Pharmacology Flashcards
  • Behavioural Science; BRS Behavioural Science, High Yield Behavioural Science, Clinical Biostatistics Made Ridiculously Simple.


These books are known to be helpful but the resources are not limited to these books.

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